Emilov Velizar Popov

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Velizar Popov
Maklumat peribadi
Nama penuh Velizar Emilov Popov
Tarikh lahir (1976-02-07) 7 Februari 1976 (umur 47)
Tempat lahir Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Ketinggian 1.84 m (6 ka ​ 38 in)
Posisi permainan UEFA PRO Head Coach
Maklumat kelab
Kelab terkini
Kelantan FA
Kerjaya remaja
Lokomotiv Plovdiv
Kerjaya Senior*
Tahun Pasukan Kmcln (Gol)
1995–1996 Lokomotiv Plovdiv
1996–1998 Hebar Pazardzhik
1998–1999 Spartak Plovdiv
Pasukan diurus
1999–2002 Spartak Plovdiv (youth coach)
2002–2007 Cherno More (youth coach)
2007–2009 Cherno More (assistant manager)
2009–2010 Cherno More
2010–2011 FC Liberika
2011–2012 Costuleni
2012–2013 New Radiant SC
2013–2014 Sur Club
2014 Suphanburi
2015 Maldives
2016 Kelantan
* Gol dan kemunculan untuk kelab senior hanya untuk liga domestik

Velizar Popov (Bahasa Bulgaria: Велизар Попов; born 7 February 1976) is a former Bulgarian football player and current UEFA PRO Licensed Head Coach.

In his career as a player he has played for Lokomotiv Plovdiv, Hebar Pazardzhik and Spartak Plovdiv.

Coaching career[sunting | sunting sumber]

Cherno More[sunting | sunting sumber]

Velizar Popov had been appointed on 16 September 2009 as the manager of Cherno More Varna to replace Nikola Spasov after two years of working as his assistant manager.He made his debut as a football manager in the Bulgarian A PFG on September 20, 2009 in a match against Minyor Pernik. The youngest manager in the Bulgarian League led Cherno More in 36 appearances for the A PFG and 3 matches of the Bulgarian Cup. Velizar remains in history as the coach who reached the most expressive win of Cherno More against the leader in Bulgarian Championship (Levski Sofia). In December 2009 the sailors defeated the blue team with 4-1 in the Bulgarian Cup. In June 2010 Velizar Popov attracted in PFC Cherno more one of Brazilian superstar Mário Jardel, who was the most famous name ever having played in the Bulgarian league.

In October 2010 Velizar Popov left Bulgarian PFC Cherno More and moved to Danish Team Liberika Horsens, with which he won promotion in 2011. For the Season 2011-2012 Velizar Popov lead Moldovan FC Costuleni which play in the Premier League Moldova.

New Radiant[sunting | sunting sumber]

In January 2013 Velizar Popov headed the Maldivian champion New Radiant SC and won the Maldivian championship with a 100% winning record, the best score ever He also won the Maldivian FA Cup and the Supercup Milo Charity Shields,making the treble.This was the third time New Radiant won the league while the very first time a club has confirmed the league title with one round yet to play and with a 100% winning record. New Radiant broke the maximum league points record of 53 points set by VB Sports in 2010 by taking the Blues league points to 57, becoming the first team in history to finish off the league with a 100 percent record. New Radiant won all 19 matches they played in this years league, scoring an outstanding 73 goals in the process and conceded only 5 goals. In the Asian AFC Cup Popov got to impressive results for the first time in the history of Maldivian football. The team scored the biggest win ever in the AFC Cup 7–0 against Indonesian team Persibo. New Radiant finished on the top of the group stage of this year's AFC cup with the best attacking record of 20 goals in 6 games and second best defensive record of the tournament receiving 4 goals in 6 games. The club won the group with 15 points from 6 games —the best score ever in Maldivian football history— and qualified for the quarterfinals for the second time in the history of Maldives football winning Selangor (Malaysia) 2-0 after extra time.Velizar Popov won 2013 Maldives Haveeru Awards - Best Coach of the year award after guiding the blues to Charity Shield, Dhivehi League and FA Cup success with a 100% winning record leading the team to AFC Cup Quarter finals and also The Special Excellence Award of New Radiant SC for the historical season winning all domestic titles with 100% record.

Sur Sports Club - Oman[sunting | sunting sumber]

Just two days after winning the FA Cup for historic treble with New Radiant SC Velizar Popov left the Maldive champion after a great season led the islanders to take on former champion of Oman- Sur Sports Club on October 7 signing a one-year contract until the end of the season 2013 / 2014 .Popov debut in one of the most attractive derby matches in Omani League defeating local rivals Al Oruba 3-0.Just for 3 months Velizar Popov managed to climb Sur Club from 10 to 3 position in the standings and registering the best attack in the league.As a consequence,for the first time in the history of the club five players from Sur Club are already part of the Olympic national team of Oman.

Suphanburi FC Thailand[sunting | sunting sumber]

For the season 2014 Velizar Popov had been appointed as a new head coach of Suphanburi FC at Thailand.Currently they are playing in the Thai Premier League.Popov lead the team to the 6th position from 20 teams in the final league table for the season 2014 and lead Suphanburi FC to their first semi final in FA Cup ever in the history of the club.

Maldives national football team[sunting | sunting sumber]

In January 2015, Popov was unveiled as the new head coach of Maldives national team, in a ceremony held before the kick off of POMIS Cup Final.Velizar Popov has been appointed head coach of the Maldives national team, returning to the country where he led New Radiant to an unprecedented domestic treble in 2013.Maziya coach Ismail Mehfooz and former national team captain Assad Abdul Ghanee are the assistant coaches and Aslam Abdul Raheem is the goal keeper trainer.Ahmed Shakeeb remained as team's physician while New Radiant's long term serving kit manager Abdul Sattar is the new kit official.Popov is a popular figure among Maldivian football players and supporters.The 38-year-old Bulgarian oversaw a league campaign that ended with New Radiant making history as the first team to take the Dhivehi League title with a 100% record winning Dhivehi League,FA Cup and Charity Shield Super Cup.He also lead New Radiant to the quarter finals of AFC Cup in 2013 with the best attacking record in the group stage that includes a local club's biggest away win in an international tournament. New Radiant beat Indonesia's Persibo by 7–0 in Solo, Indonesia.Popov embarks on his first foray into national team coaching having had spells in Oman with Sur and in Thailand with Suphanburi and takes over the Maldives managerial reigns from Croatian coach Drago Mamic. Popov was very close to making one of the biggest surprises ever in the Asian football in the world cup qualifiers against Qatar.The favourite Qatar needed 9 minutes of added time to beat the Maldives in a World Cup qualifier with the lone goal coming in the ninth minute of added time,even though there was only supposed to be eight minutes of added time.In the Indian Ocean Islands Games Maldives with Popov won their first match ever in this competition after 3 participations so far beating the old rival Seychelles 2:1.On 12 August 2015, Popov resigned as the Maldives national football team coach. National team captain Ali Ashfaq ‘Dhagandey’ and keeper Imran Mohamed had criticized FAM following Popov’s decision to resign.

Kelantan FA[sunting | sunting sumber]

In 12 May 2016,the Malaysian giant Kelantan FA has hired former Maldives national coach Velizar Popov to handle the Super League side until the end of the 2016 season following K.Devan's resignation after an unsatisfactory performance of the team under his guidance.Bulgarian Popov has been tasked to ensure Kelantan finish in the top four of the Super League and reach the semi-finals of the Malaysia Cup.Popov,a experience coach with extensive stints in Europe, Asia and Middle East ,has also coached Thailand's Suphanburi, Sur Sports Club of Oman and New Radiant of Maldives, relishes the challenge of reviving Kelantan's fortunes this year.Devan left after making his intention to step aside known to Annuar following a 4-3 defeat to Pahang on April 20 but waited until Wednesday to make his decision public.Following a search for a successor, Tan Sri Annuar Musa made contact with Popov on Monday, with the Bulgarian arriving here the following day to hold talks.Kelantan are currently in sixth place in the Super League standings with 12 points, six points adrift of third-placed Selangor, who they meet on May 18 in Shah Alam.Popov,whose track record in Asia speaks for itself, is not an unknown figure among Malaysian football players and supporters,after eliminated the giant Selangor on 2013 AFC Cup 1/8 finals with New Radiant,in 2014 also was close to sign with Perak FA , but in the last moment had signed with Thai Premier League club Suphanburi FC.

Managerial statistics[sunting | sunting sumber]

Sehingga 18 May 2016
Team Nat From To Competition Record
G W D L GF GA GD Win %
PFC Cherno More Varna Bulgaria 16 September 2009 29 October 2010 Bulgarian A Football Group &&&&&&&&&&&&&035.&&&&&035 &&&&&&&&&&&&&015.&&&&&015 &&&&&&&&&&&&&&08.&&&&&08 &&&&&&&&&&&&&012.&&&&&012 &&&&&&&&&&&&&043.&&&&&043 &&&&&&&&&&&&&043.&&&&&043 +0 &&&&&&&&&&&&&042.86000042.86
Bulgarian Cup &&&&&&&&&&&&&&03.&&&&&03 &&&&&&&&&&&&&&02.&&&&&02 &&&&&&&&&&&&&&01.&&&&&01 &&&&&&&&&&&&&&00.&&&&&00 &&&&&&&&&&&&&&06.&&&&&06 &&&&&&&&&&&&&&01.&&&&&01 +5 &&&&&&&&&&&&&066.67000066.67
FC Costuleni Moldova 1 June 2011 31 December 2012 Moldovan National Division &&&&&&&&&&&&&033.&&&&&033 &&&&&&&&&&&&&&09.&&&&&09 &&&&&&&&&&&&&011.&&&&&011 &&&&&&&&&&&&&013.&&&&&013 &&&&&&&&&&&&&038.&&&&&038 &&&&&&&&&&&&&048.&&&&&048 −10 &&&&&&&&&&&&&027.27000027.27
New Radiant SC Maldives 10 January 2013 31 August 2013 Dhivehi League &&&&&&&&&&&&&019.&&&&&019 &&&&&&&&&&&&&019.&&&&&019 &&&&&&&&&&&&&&00.&&&&&00 &&&&&&&&&&&&&&00.&&&&&00 &&&&&&&&&&&&&073.&&&&&073 &&&&&&&&&&&&&&05.&&&&&05 +68 &&&&&&&&&&&&0100.&&&&&0100.000
Maldives FA Cup &&&&&&&&&&&&&&03.&&&&&03 &&&&&&&&&&&&&&03.&&&&&03 &&&&&&&&&&&&&&00.&&&&&00 &&&&&&&&&&&&&&00.&&&&&00 &&&&&&&&&&&&&&04.&&&&&04 &&&&&&&&&&&&&&00.&&&&&00 +4 &&&&&&&&&&&&0100.&&&&&0100.000
AFC Cup &&&&&&&&&&&&&&09.&&&&&09 &&&&&&&&&&&&&&06.&&&&&06 &&&&&&&&&&&&&&00.&&&&&00 &&&&&&&&&&&&&&03.&&&&&03 &&&&&&&&&&&&&024.&&&&&024 &&&&&&&&&&&&&016.&&&&&016 +8 &&&&&&&&&&&&&066.67000066.67
Maldivian FA Charity Shield &&&&&&&&&&&&&&01.&&&&&01 &&&&&&&&&&&&&&01.&&&&&01 &&&&&&&&&&&&&&00.&&&&&00 &&&&&&&&&&&&&&00.&&&&&00 &&&&&&&&&&&&&&03.&&&&&03 &&&&&&&&&&&&&&01.&&&&&01 +2 &&&&&&&&&&&&0100.&&&&&0100.000
Sur Club Oman 1 September 2013 28 April 2014 Omani League &&&&&&&&&&&&&026.&&&&&026 &&&&&&&&&&&&&&09.&&&&&09 &&&&&&&&&&&&&&07.&&&&&07 &&&&&&&&&&&&&010.&&&&&010 &&&&&&&&&&&&&039.&&&&&039 &&&&&&&&&&&&&037.&&&&&037 +2 &&&&&&&&&&&&&034.62000034.62
Omani Federation Cup &&&&&&&&&&&&&&02.&&&&&02 &&&&&&&&&&&&&&01.&&&&&01 &&&&&&&&&&&&&&01.&&&&&01 &&&&&&&&&&&&&&00.&&&&&00 &&&&&&&&&&&&&&03.&&&&&03 &&&&&&&&&&&&&&02.&&&&&02 +1 &&&&&&&&&&&&&050.&&&&&050.00
Sultan Qaboos Cup &&&&&&&&&&&&&&01.&&&&&01 &&&&&&&&&&&&&&00.&&&&&00 &&&&&&&&&&&&&&01.&&&&&01 &&&&&&&&&&&&&&00.&&&&&00 &&&&&&&&&&&&&&00.&&&&&00 &&&&&&&&&&&&&&00.&&&&&00 +0 &0&&&&&&&&&&&&&&00.&&&&&00.00
Suphanburi FC Thailand 11 May 2014 31 December 2015 Thailand Premier League &&&&&&&&&&&&&025.&&&&&025 &&&&&&&&&&&&&012.&&&&&012 &&&&&&&&&&&&&&04.&&&&&04 &&&&&&&&&&&&&&09.&&&&&09 &&&&&&&&&&&&&037.&&&&&037 &&&&&&&&&&&&&036.&&&&&036 +1 &&&&&&&&&&&&&048.&&&&&048.00
Thai FA Cup &&&&&&&&&&&&&&04.&&&&&04 &&&&&&&&&&&&&&03.&&&&&03 &&&&&&&&&&&&&&00.&&&&&00 &&&&&&&&&&&&&&01.&&&&&01 &&&&&&&&&&&&&&05.&&&&&05 &&&&&&&&&&&&&&02.&&&&&02 +3 &&&&&&&&&&&&&075.&&&&&075.00
Maldives national football team Maldives 28 January 2015 12 August 2015 2018 FIFA World Cup qualification (AFC) &&&&&&&&&&&&&&02.&&&&&02 &&&&&&&&&&&&&&00.&&&&&00 &&&&&&&&&&&&&&00.&&&&&00 &&&&&&&&&&&&&&02.&&&&&02 &&&&&&&&&&&&&&00.&&&&&00 &&&&&&&&&&&&&&03.&&&&&03 −3 &0&&&&&&&&&&&&&&00.&&&&&00.00
Kelantan FA Malaysia 13 May 2016 present Malaysia Super League &&&&&&&&&&&&&&01.&&&&&01 &&&&&&&&&&&&&&00.&&&&&00 &&&&&&&&&&&&&&01.&&&&&01 &&&&&&&&&&&&&&00.&&&&&00 &&&&&&&&&&&&&&00.&&&&&00 &&&&&&&&&&&&&&00.&&&&&00 +0 &0&&&&&&&&&&&&&&00.&&&&&00.00
Malaysia Cup &&&&&&&&&&&&&&00.&&&&&00 &&&&&&&&&&&&&&00.&&&&&00 &&&&&&&&&&&&&&00.&&&&&00 &&&&&&&&&&&&&&00.&&&&&00 &&&&&&&&&&&&&&00.&&&&&00 &&&&&&&&&&&&&&00.&&&&&00 +0 !
Total &&&&&&&&&&&&0137.&&&&&0137 &&&&&&&&&&&&&069.&&&&&069 &&&&&&&&&&&&&029.&&&&&029 &&&&&&&&&&&&&039.&&&&&039 &&&&&&&&&&&&0242.&&&&&0242 &&&&&&&&&&&&0152.&&&&&0152 +90 &&&&&&&&&&&&&050.36000050.36

Honours & Awards[sunting | sunting sumber]

2013 Dhivehi League winner
2013 FA cup winner
2013 Charity Shield Super Cup winner
2013 Maldives Haveeru Awards - Best Coach of the year award winner
2013 The Special Excellence Award of New Radiant SC for the historical season winning all domestic titles with 100% record
2013 AFC Cup group stage winner with the best attacking record and qualified for the AFC Cup quarterfinals  
2011 FC Liberika -Horsens, Denmark- Promotion Won
2008 Bulgarian Cup Runner-up 
2005, 2006 The Best Youth Coach-BFU Varna

Templat:PFC Cherno More Varna managers

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