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(Mencipta laman baru dengan kandungan '{{Pp-move-indef}} {{Infobox company |company_name=Nintendo Co., Ltd.<br />任天堂株式会社 |company_logo=250px |caption=Nintendo's l...')
|industry=[[Card game]]s (previously)<br />[[Video game industry|Video games]]
|products=[[Game Boy line]], [[Color TV Game]], [[Nintendo Entertainment System|NES]], [[Super Nintendo Entertainment System|SNES]], [[Virtual Boy]], [[Nintendo 64]], [[Nintendo GameCube]], [[Nintendo DS]], [[Nintendo Wii]], [[Nintendo 3DS]], and various [[video game]]s
|market cap =[[Japanese yen|¥]]4.7813 trillion/[[US$|$]]52,678,134,941.50 (''2008'')<ref>[ After 2008, Nintendo is (still) worth a lot of money]</ref>
|revenue={{profit}} [[Japanese yen|¥]]1.43 trillion / [[US$|$]]15,755,480,894.44 (2010)<ref name="">{{cite web|url=;title;1 |title=Fiscal year report |date=2010-03-31 |accessdate=2010-05-06 |publisher=[[Gamespot]] |pages=1}}</ref>
|operating_income ={{profit}} [[Japanese yen|¥]]555.263 billion / [[US$|$]]6,117,597,301.89 (''2009'')<ref name="">[ Nintendo's Earnings Release: Fiscal Year ended March 31, 2009<!-- Bot generated title -->]</ref>
|net_income ={{profit}} [[Japanese yen|¥]]229 billion / [[US$|$]]2,523,070,032.55 (''2010'')<ref name=""/>
|assets ={{increase}} [[Japanese yen|¥]]1.8 trillion / [[US$|$]]19,831,519,302.50 (''2009'')<ref name=""/>


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