Open Season 2

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Open Season 2
Muka depan versi cakera Blu Ray
Pengarah Matthew O'Callaghan
Todd Wilderman
Penerbit Kirk Bodyfelt
Matthew O'Callaghan
Executive producers:
Michelle Murdocca
Andrea Miloro
Penulis David I. Stern
Dibintangi oleh Joel McHale
Mike Epps
Cody Cameron
Jane Krakowski
Billy Connolly
Crispin Glover
Muzik oleh Ramin Djawadi
Disunting oleh Steven Liu
Jimmy Sandoval
Pengedar Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Mula ditayangkan
September 24, 2008
Tempoh tayangan
76 minutes
Negara United States
Bahasa Inggeris

Pelakon suara[sunting | sunting sumber]

  • Joel McHale sebagai Elliot, Boog's best friend and the main protagonist. He was supposed to marry Giselle, but abandoned her due to new emotions.
  • Mike Epps sebagai Boog, the deuteragonist. He leads the rescue mission to save Mr. Weenie.
  • Cody Cameron sebagai Mr. Weenie, a German wiener dog. He was captured by the pets and the forest animals leave the forest to save him. He is the deuteragonist of the film.
  • Jane Krakowski sebagai Giselle, Elliot's fiance who is scared of getting married.
  • Billy Connolly sebagai McSquizzy, a squirrel who joins the forest animals in the rescue mission for Mr. Weenie.
  • Crispin Glover sebagai Fifi, a toy poodle and the main antagonist. He has a deep hatred over wild animals and slowly begins to lose his sanity.
  • Danny Mann sebagai Serge, a duck who joins the forest animals in their rescue mission for Mr. Weenie along with his companion Deni.
  • Steve Schirripa sebagai Roberto, Fifi's companion.
  • Fred Stoller sebagai Stanley, a pet cat.
  • Olivia Hack sebagai Charlene, a Western dog who is Rufus' girlfriend.
  • Diedrich Bader sebagai Rufus, a Southern dog who is Charlene's boyfriend.

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