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Hello[sunting sumber]

I've been trying to resolve LTA crosswiki abuse of Manda, please do not revert my edit, instead please can you block this user from editing here? thank you.-AldNon/SWMT 13:23, 9 Mac 2019 (UTC)

The changes made by the user is valid. What he did is fixing the internal link from Pulau Manda to Pulau Manda. Pulau is a Malay word for island. Hence I've reverted your changes. --Kurnia 13:27, 9 Mac 2019 (UTC)
I see, pardon for my action, he's keep reverting and editing many pages so I do mass revert for his undo, because 90% of his crosswiki edits are either vandalism or spamming, anyway, both account of Atsym and Worogano Have been locked by stewards, thank you.-AldNon/SWMT 13:30, 9 Mac 2019 (UTC)

Please block[sunting sumber]

Hello please block Khas:Sumbangan/Aldnonymous_1993 for copying my name and vandalism.-AldNon/SWMT 13:26, 18 Mac 2019 (UTC)

Done. But the user has been blocked globally, my action is probably redundant. --Kurnia 14:03, 18 Mac 2019 (UTC)
Thanks anyway, I reported the user to stewards so that user got locked globally, but nevertheless, my gratitude for the response.-AldNon/SWMT 14:04, 18 Mac 2019 (UTC)
You're welcome. :) --Kurnia 14:06, 18 Mac 2019 (UTC)