Sharla Cheung

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Sharla Cheung
Sharla Cheung Man

(1968-02-07) 7 Februari 1968 (umur 56)
Tahun aktif1986 - sekarang

Sharla Cheung Man atau lebih dikenali sebagai Sharla Cheung adalah seorang pelakon Hong Kong kelahiran Shanghai, China.

Filemografi[sunting | sunting sumber]

Tahun Tajuk Watak Catatan
1986 The Magic Crystal Winnie Shen
1987 The Romancing Star Man
1988 Bet on Fire Min
Faithfully Yours Ying
1989 Operation Pink Squad II Mun a.k.a. Thunder Cops
Dream of Desire Sally Cheung
Little Cop Dark Skin
The Romancing Star III Auntie Man
God of Gamblers Janet
1990 Swordsman Ren Yingying
My Neighbours are Phantoms Siu Sin
All for the Winner Yee Mong
Story of Kennedy Town Li
God of Gamblers II Meng Lo, Dewi impian
1991 Fist of Fury 1991 Mandy Fok
Devil's Vindata Mandy a.k.a. Devil's Vendetta
A Chinese Legend Ching-er
Fight Back to School Miss Ho
God of Gamblers III: Back to Shanghai Yee Mong cameo
Lee Rock Grace
Lee Rock II Grace
The Fatal Game a.k.a. Tricky Gambler
Tiger Cage 3 Suki Cheung
Dances with Dragon Moon a.k.a. Dance with the Dragon
Lover-at-Large Lily Lam
1992 Fist of Fury 1991 Min / Yuen Chuen
Truant Heroes Dreamy (Lam Moon) a.k.a. Truant Hero
Cheetah on Fire Peggy a.k.a. Fight to Survive in the Philippines
Rhythm of Destiny Siu Hong
Fight Back to School II Miss Ho
Royal Tramp Empress Dowager / Lone-er
Deadly Dream Woman Huang Ying
It's Now or Never Rose (Ying)
Royal Tramp II Lone-er bit part
To Miss with Love Ms. Chang
Call Girl '92'' Carmen
Handsome Siblings Eva, Supreme Ruler of the Martial World
King of Beggars Yu-shang
1993 Fight Back to School III Man
Legend of the Liquid Sword Jellyfish
Last Hero in China Ti Yin-er a.k.a. Claws of Steel
Flying Dagger Big Bewitchemen
Holy Weapon Spider
The Buddhist Spell Shen
The Sword of Many Loves Purple Yuen
Chez n' Ham Fanny a.k.a. Curry and Pepper 3
The Sword Stained with Royal Blood Ah Kau
Kung Fu Cult Master Yan So-So / Chao Min

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