Templat:Hubungan rapat

Daripada Wikipedia, ensiklopedia bebas.

Please add articles in alphabetical order. This template is intended to list Wikipedia articles dealing with various forms and aspects of contemporary relationships. The idea is for readers to quickly find information about their own current relationships. Articles listed in the template should fall into the following categories:

  • types of close relationships (e.g., friendship, family, marriage);
  • forms of marriage (e.g., monogamy, polygamy, polandry, polygyny);
  • alternative forms of close relationships (e.g., polyamory, swinging, open marriage);
  • positive aspects of close relationships (e.g., attachment, bonding, love, sexuality);
  • negative aspects of close relationships (e.g., domestic violence, jealousy); and
  • endings of close relationships (e.g., separation, divorce, widowhood).