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Transgressive Records ialah sebuah syarikat rakaman bebas yang bertapak di London, England. Ditubuhkan pada 2004. Pengasas Tim Dellow dan Toby L pertama kali berjumpa di gig Bloc Party dianjurkan oleh Laman Web Toby, rockfeedback.[1] Keluaran pertama dari syarikat itu adalah 1am dari The Subways, dikeluarkan pada bulan september 2004.

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Transgressive Records[sunting | sunting sumber]

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Singles & EPs[sunting | sunting sumber]

Release Band Title Date
TRANS001 The Subways "1am" 17/09/04
TRANS002 Ladyfuzz "Oh Marie" 17/01/05
TRANS003 Burningpilot "It's The Music (They're Dancing To)" 28/03/05
TRANS004 Mystery Jets "Zoo Time" 14/02/05
TRANS005 The Pipettes "ABC" 13/06/05
TRANS006 The Young Knives "Junky Music Make My Heart Beat Faster" 30/05/05
TRANS007 Ladyfuzz "Hold Up" 27/06/05
TRANS008 Duels "Potential Futures" 11/07/05
TRANS009 Battle "Demons" 14/09/05
TRANS010 Larrikin Love "Happy as Annie" 03/10/05
TRANS011 Jeremy Warmsley "5 Interesting Lies" 07/11/05
TRANS012 Regina Spektor "Carbon Monoxide" 21/11/05
TRANS013 Ladyfuzz "Monster" 05/12/05
TRANS014 Burningpilot "Two Words/Two Syllables" 12/12/05
TRANS015 The Young Knives "The Decision" 28/11/05
TRANS017 The Rumble Strips "Motorcycle" 23/01/06
TRANS018 Regina Spektor "Us" 13/02/06
TRANS020 The Young Knives "Here Comes the Rumour Mill" 27/02/06
TRANS021 Noisettes 'Iwe' 30/01/06
TRANS022 Battle "Tendency" 13/03/06
TRANS023 Jeremy Warmsley "Other People's Secrets" 20/03/06
TRANS024 Ladyfuzz "Bouncy Ball" 20/03/06
TRANS025 GoodBooks "Walk With Me" 03/04/06
TRANS027 Polytechnic "Won't You Come Around?" 03/04/06
TRANS028 Burningpilot "You Stay Cool" 17/05/06
TRANS029 The Rumble Strips "Hate Me You Do" 05/06/06
TRANS030 Battle "Children" 12/06/06
TRANS031 The Young Knives "She's Attracted To" 19/06/06
TRANS032 The Shins "Phantom Limb" 10/07/06
TRANS033 Ladyfuzz "Oh Marie" 10/07/06
TRANS034 Polytechnic "Pep" 31/07/06
TRANS035 The Young Knives "Weekends and Bleak Days (Hot Summer)" 07/08/06
TRANS037 Jeremy Warmsley "I Believe In The Way You Move" 18/09/06
TRANS039 Battle "Beautiful Dynasty" 09/10/06
TRANS040 Battle "Back To Earth" 09/10/06
TRANS041 Mechanical Bride "In The Throes" 11/09/06
TRANS042 The Young Knives "The Decision" 30/10/06
TRANS043 Ladyfuzz "Kerfuffle" 20/12/06
TRANS044 Various Artists "NME Compilation" 10/12/06
TRANS045 Jeremy Warmsley "Dirty Blue Jeans" 13/01/07
TRANS046 The Shins "Phantom Limb" 22/01/07
TRANS048 The Human Knives "Voices Of Buttons And Knobs" 26/02/07
TRANS049 Foals "Live" 12/03/07
TRANS050 Foals "Hummer" 23/04/07
TRANS051 The Shins "Australia Part 1" 09/04/07
TRANS051X The Shins "Australia Part 2" 09/04/07
TRANS052 Battle "The Longest Time" 02/07/07
TRANS053 Foals "Mathletics" 16/07/07
TRANS054 Battle "Paper Street" 10/12/07
TRANS056 The Young Knives "Terra Firma" 29/10/07
TRANS057 The Shins "Turn on Me" 03/09/07
TRANS058 Iron & Wine "The Boy With the Coin" 10/09/07
TRANS060 So So Modern "Friends and Fires" (Orange) 24/09/07
TRANS061 So So Modern "Friends and Fires" (Blue) 01/10/07
TRANS062 So So Modern "Friends and Fires" (Green) 08/10/07
TRANS063 So So Modern "Friends and Fires" (Pink) 15/10/07
TRANS064 The Shins "Sea Legs" 12/11/07
TRANSO65 Foals Balloons 09/12/07
TRANS066 Ox.Eagle.Lion.Man "Fatherhood/Motherhood" 16/12/07
TRANS067 Mechanical Bride "Umbrella" 24/12/07
TRANS068 Young Knives "Up All Night" 25/02/08
TRANS069 Foals "Cassius" 29/02/08
TRANS072 Iron & Wine "Lovesong of the Buzzard" 28/10/08
TRANS073 Mechanical Bride "Black Skeleton Seas" 10/07/08
TRANS074 Jeremy Warmsley "The Boat Song/Temptation" 30/05/08
TRANS075 Foals "Red Socks Pugie" 09/06/08
TRANS076 The Young Knives "Turntail" 17/10/08
TRANS078 Ox.Eagle.Lion.Man "Opus 1: The Lay Of The Land The Turn Of The Tide" 09/06/08
TRANS079 Liam Finn "Second Chance" 30/06/08
TRANS081 Mechanical Bride "Part II EPs" 15/08/08
TRANS082 Esser "Headlock" 04/08/08
TRANS083 Various Artists "Transgressive Hot Summer Tour EP" 30/06/08
TRANS084 Ox.Eagle.Lion.Man "Opus II: Obscured by a Setting Sun" 23/02/09
TRANS085 Foals "Olympic Airways" 06/10/08
TRANS086 Jeremy Warmsley "Lose My Cool" 08/08/08
TRANS088 Jeremy Warmsley "Dancing wIth the Enemy" 03/11/08
TRANS089 Young Knives "Dyed In The Wool" 18/08/08
TRANS089.5 Foals "Foals/Holy Fuck White Label" 29/09/08
TRANS090 Burningpilot "Accelerate" 29/09/08
TRANS091.5 Foals "Olympic Airways Remixes" 29/12/08
TRANS092 Liam Finn "Better To Be" 24/11/08
TRANS093 Esser "Satisfied" 17/11/08
TRANS093X Esser "Satisfied Remixes" 17/11/08
TRANS095 Jeremy Warmsley "If He Breaks Your Heart" 14/02/09
TRANS096 Esser "Work It Out" 23/02/09
TRANS097 Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson "Buriedfed" 11/05/09
TRANS099 Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson "Daytrotter EP" 18/05/09
TRANS101 Graham Coxon "In the Morning" 18/04/09
TRANS103 Graham Coxon "Sorrow's Army" 18/05/09
TRANS104 Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson "Woodfriend" 06/07/09
TRANS105 Liam Finn "Champagne In Seashells" 17/08/09
TRANS106a Graham Coxon "Dead Bees" 28/09/09
TRANS106b Graham Coxon "Brave the Storm" 28/09/09
TRANS107 Johnny Flynn "Sweet William EP" 30/11/09
TRANS108 So So Modern "Crude Futures" 01/03/10
TRANS110 Gaggle "I hear flies" 08/03/10
TRANS109 Foals "Spanish Sahara" 17/04/10
TRANS111 Pulled Apart By Horses "Live at Leeds" 17/04/10
TRANS114 Foals "This Orient" 03/05/10
TRANS115 Foals "Total Live Forever" 10/05/10
TRANS116 Pulled Apart By Horses "Back to the Fuck Yeah" 14/05/10
TRANS112 Johnny Flynn "Kentucky Pill" 31/05/10
TRANS113 Johnny Flynn "Been Listening" 07/06/10
TRANS117 Pulled Apart By Horses "Pulled Apart By Horses" 21/06/10


LP[sunting | sunting sumber]

Release Band Title Date
TRANS006.5 Trencher and Esquilax "Trencher and Esquilax" 17/01/05
TRANS016 Transgressive Records "Singles Compilation Volume 1" 17/09/04
TRANS019 Regina Spektor Mary Ann Meets the Gravediggers and Other Short Stories 16/01/06
TRANS026 Ladyfuzz "Kerfuffle" 03/04/06
TRANS036 The Young Knives Voices of Animals and Men 21/08/06
TRANS038 Jeremy Warmsley "The Art Of Fiction" 09/10/06
TRANS044 NME Compilation "Independent Thinking" 02/12/06
TRANS055 Battle "Break the Banks" 09/06/08
TRANS059 Iron & Wine The Shepherd's Dog 17/09/07
TRANS070 The Young Knives Superabundance 10/03/08
TRANS071 Foals Antidotes 24/03/08
TRANS077 So So Modern "Friends and Fires & 000EPS" 30/06/08
TRANS080 Liam Finn "I'll Be Lightning" 21/07/08
TRANS087 Jeremy Warmsley "How We Became" 06/10/08
TRANS091 Burningpilot "Cold Caller" 06/10/08
TRANS094 Esser "Braveface" 04/05/09
TRANS098 Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson "Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson" 18/05/09
TRANS102 Graham Coxon "The Spinning Top" 11/05/09

Rujukan[sunting | sunting sumber]

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