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===Mengikut tempat===
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* The [[Athens|Athenians]] under Xenophon march into [[Thrace]] to attack [[Chalcis]]. They destroy crops outside [[Spartolus]] and begin negotiating with pro-Athenian factions in Chalcis, but the anti-Athenian factions ask for help from [[Olynthus]]. An army from Chalcis, Spartolus, and Olynthus meet the Athenians in [[Battle of Chalcis|battle]], but their [[hoplites]] are defeated. Reinforcements soon arrive from Olynthus, and they launch a second attack on the Athenians. The Athenians are routed, with all of their generals and 430 other men killed.
* The Athenian admiral [[Phormio]] has two naval victories at [[Battle of Naupactus (429 BC)|Naupactus]] at the mouth of the [[Corinthian Gulf]]. In the first battle, his 20 ships defeat 47 [[Corinth]]ian ships commanded by [[Machaon]], [[Isocrates of Sparta|Isocrates]], and [[Agatharchidas]] that were advancing to reinforce the [[Sparta]]n general, [[Cnemus]]’ campaign in [[Acarnania]]. In the second battle, Phormio routs Cnemus’ 77-vessel fleet.
* Macedonian king, [[Perdiccas II]], once again betrays the Athenians and sends 1000 troops to support a Spartan assault on [[Acarnania]] but they arrive too late to help. In response to this, King [[Sitalkes]] of [[Thrace]] invades [[Macedon|Macedonia]] with a vast army that includes independent Thracian tribes (such as the [[Dii]]) and [[Paionia|Paionian]] tribes ([[Agrianes]], [[Laeaeans]]). His progress is slowed when the promised support from [[Athens]] fails to materialise. So Perdiccas once again uses diplomacy to ensure the survival of Macedonia. He promises the hand of his sister in marriage to the nephew of Sitalkes, who then persuades Sitalkes to leave Macedonia.
* The [[Plague of Athens|plague]] in Athens that is killing thousands of the city's inhabitants, claims [[Pericles]]. [[Cleon]], who has headed the opposition to Pericles’ rule, succeeds to power in Athens following Pericles’ death.
*[[Ateas]], raja [[Scythia]] (maut [[339 SM]).
* [[Pericles]], [[negarawan]] [[Athens]] (akibat wabak) (lahir k.k. [[495 SM]]).
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