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Berikut merupakan beberapa pautan yang dapat anda layari jika masih baru di Wikipedia: Lihat juga tutorial Wikipedia. Untuk menandatangani pesanan anda pada laman perbualan, seperti laman ini, letakkan ~~~~ (empat kali tanda gelombang). Semoga anda menikmati kunjungan anda di Wikipedia Bahasa Melayu. Selamat menyumbang!

Welcome to the Malay Wikipedia!

The following are relevant wiki links for users based here mainly for InterWiki purposes. See also our list of local administrators. Should you require any assistance here, you may contact me or any one of our ambassadors listed at our embassy. You may also leave a message there for the attention of the whole Malay Wikipedia community. Should the assistance you require be technical in nature, please leave a note with one of our administrators. To sign your message, please type four tildes (~~~~) after it if you are using your local Malay Wikipedia account, or the InterWiki link {{:[Wikipedia language code]: [Name of your page] | [Your personal ID] }}, followed by five tildes (~~~~~) to allow for the date to accompany your message if you are using your foreign Wikipedia account. It would be preferable if you could indicate which Wikipedia language version you are from (meaning the one you most regularly use) to simplify any referencing or liaison that may follow. Enjoy your stay here at the Malay Wikipedia. Cheers!

Apli kasi 18:04, 1 Disember 2013 (UTC)Reply[balas]

Re: Hey!

Hi Goldenburg, I am inactive on simple now, although I may return there occasionally. Currently I'm very active on Commons since Christmas. As for here, I have been here for over a year now. I'm not sure when my en block will be lifted though. Where have you been active on, and how and why did you only find me now? :) --Graphium 19:48, 3 Mei 2014 (UTC)Reply[balas]

Reply on the talk page of the person you are communicating with. That's the culture here. ;)

No email received. Since I retired? Nothing much happened. Continue contributing to Commons and mswiki. I can't wait to add enwiki back to the list of wikis I contribute to...but not sure when. ;) --Graphium 08:16, 4 Mei 2014 (UTC)Reply[balas]

Delete User[sunting sumber]

We don't delete user page, because vandal like it to stay hidden. Yosri (bincang) 12:18, 3 Mac 2017 (UTC)Reply[balas]

I have bad experiance, when deleting it, the user sign in and his edit show blank username. But then I guess, he did not have global user then. Will do then. Wait 5 minutes while I verify. Yosri (bincang) 12:26, 3 Mac 2017 (UTC)Reply[balas]