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Peserta untuk {{{1}}}

Usage[sunting sumber]

This template should be used for athletes who have competed for different countries. There are many examples from the break up of the USSR as well as athletes from the UK competing at the commonwealth games. Other athletes have switched nationality, for example Wilson Kipketer was Kenyan but competed for Denmark too.

Contoh penggunaan[sunting sumber]

Rekod pingat
Nama atlet
Nama atlet
Peserta untuk  Australia
Olahraga Lelaki
Sukan Olimpik
Pingat emas – tempat pertama Sydney 2000 400 m
Sukan Komanwel
Pingat perak – tempat kedua Melbourne 2006 200 m
Pingat gangsa – tempat ketiga Melbourne 2006 400 m
{{MedalTableTop|Example.jpg|150px|Nama atlet}}
{{MedalCountry | {{AUS}} }}
{{MedalSport | [[Olahraga]]}}
{{MedalCompetition|[[Sukan Olimpik]]}}
{{MedalGold  | [[Sukan Olimpik 2000|Sydney 2000]] | 400 m }}
{{MedalCompetition|[[Sukan Komanwel]]}}
{{MedalSilver | [[Sukan Komanwel 2006|Melbourne 2006]] | 200 m }}
{{MedalBronze | Melbourne 2006 | 400 m }}

Related templates[sunting sumber]

Heading[sunting sumber]

{{MedalTableTop}} – with the optional image parameters (see example above):

  1. Image name without 'Image:'.
  2. Image size. Default value: 100px.
  3. Caption. Default value: {{PAGENAME}}.

Deprecated templates:

{{MedalTop}} and {{MedalTopPic}} – use {{MedalTableTop}} with a competition template
{{MedalTableTopPic}} – use {{MedalTableTop}} with the same parameters

Sub Headings[sunting sumber]


{{MedalOlympic}} - deprecated (use {{MedalCompetition}} instead)
{{MedalParalympic}} - deprecated (use {{MedalCompetition}} instead)
{{MedalWorldChampionships}} - deprecated (use {{MedalCompetition}} instead)
{{MedalCommonwealthGames }} - deprecated (use {{MedalCompetition}} instead)
{{MedalEuropeanChampionships}} - deprecated (use {{MedalCompetition}} instead)

Awards[sunting sumber]


All with the usage: {{MedalType | Year City | Event}} (see example above)


Usage {{MedalTrueSpirit | Year of award}}

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