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Star Trek (filem)

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Star Trek
Teaser poster
PengarahJ. J. Abrams
Alex Kurtzman
Roberto Orci
Gene Roddenberry
Dihasilkan olehJ. J. Abrams
Damon Lindelof
DibintangiChris Pine
Zachary Quinto
Karl Urban
Simon Pegg
Anton Yelchin
Zoë Saldaña
John Cho
Eric Bana
Clifton Collins Jr.
Leonard Nimoy
Bruce Greenwood
Ben Cross
Winona Ryder
Chris Hemsworth
Rachel Nichols
Jennifer Morrison
SinematografiDaniel Mindel
Disunting olehMary Jo Markey
Maryann Brdanon
Muzik olehMichael Giacchino
Manon Dave (muzik tambahan)
Diedarkan olehParamount Pictures
Tarikh tayangan
25 Disember 2008
NegaraAmerika Syarikat
BahasaBahasa Inggeris

Star Trek (juga dirujuk sebagai Star Trek XI) adalah filem sains fiksyen yang belum dikeluarkan, peserta ke-11 dalam siri filem Star Trek, berdasarkan francais dicipta oleh Gene Roddenberry. Pada April 2006, selepas banyak tahun several years of khabar-khabar dan spekulasi, Paramount Pictures mengumumkan bahawa filem akan diterbitkan oleh pencipta Lost J. J. Abrams (yang diarahkan) dan Damon Lindelof. Ia yang dikarangkan oleh Roberto Orci dan Alex Kurtzman, yang adalah juga penerbit eksekutif dengan Bryan Burk, Jeffrey Chernov dan eksekutif Level 1 Entertainment Bill Todman, Jr., Edward Milstein, dan Paul Schwake. Filem itu akan dipanggil Star Trek[1] dan dikeluarkan pada 7 Mei 2009 di Malaysia, dan ditayangkan di seluruh dunia 8 Mei 2009.

Cerita ini akan mengisahkan tentang penerokaan awal James T. Kirk dan Spock[2], dan akan juga menonjolkan kemunculan watak-watak utama dari siri asal[3].

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Pada asalnya Kirk William Shatner menunjukkan bahawa dia tidak akan muncul di filem tersebut,[20][21][22] Abrams memaklumkan pada Julai 2007 bahawa pasukan produksi "sangat terdesak jalan untuk memasukkan watak Kirk" tetapi untuk "memasukkan dia ke dalam ... akan menjadi bencana."[23] Original Sulu George Takei juga berharap dia akan turut sama berada dalam filem itu.[24]

For some time it was widely rumored that Matt Damon would play Kirk in the movie. Damon, upon hearing the rumors, including comments from William Shatner giving him a "seal of approval" for the role,[25] contacted Abrams to ascertain the truth, only to be told that the Kirk in the film was a younger man dan he was "too old" for the part.[26][27] Damon commented that if they do the progression then he'd be interested in playing Kirk.[25]

Adrien Brody discussed playing Spock with director J. J. Abrams.[28] Paul McGillion auditioned for the role of Scotty.[29] James Kyson Lee was considered for Sulu, but because Zachary Quinto was already cast sebagai Spock, the producers of the TV show Heroes did not want to lose another cast member for three months.[30] Abrams also approached Timothy Olyphant for a part.[31]


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Pada awal 2003, Rick Berman, penerbit eksekutif francais Star Trek, began quietly discussing the possibility of an eleventh Star Trek feature film. However, because of the failures in 2002 dan 2005 of the franchise, including the tenth film, Star Trek Nemesis dan the cancellation of the television series Star Trek: Enterprise, these statements were widely ignored. However, in February 2005, Berman finally backed up some of his statements with names, claiming in Variety that screenwriter Erik Jendresen, among others, were involved in production of a new film.[32]

Despite being tangled up in rumors of other screenplays under consideration,[33][34][35][36] the Jendresen script was widely believed to be in pre-production. It was believed that the story, titled Star Trek: The Beginning, would revolve around a new set of characters, led by a man named Tiberius Chase. It would take place in a time after Enterprise but before Star Trek: The Original Series, possibly during the Earth-Romulan War. These rumors have since been verified in large part by Jendresen.[37]

However, on 25 Februari, 2006, Douglas Mirabello, a personal assistant to Rick Berman, made an extensive posting at the Something Awful forums in which he denied that production on The Beginning was going forward, dan claimed that Star Trek was dead for the time being. "The franchise needs a totally new creative team, some time off, dan a cool new approach", he said.[38] In Jendresen's words, "Essentially, what's being said is true. This is 'dead' because it's not moving forward. It's like a shark. It has got to keep moving or it's dead."[37]


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Pada 20 April 2006, Associated Press melaporkan bahawa filem cetara Star Trek yang dalam penghasilan secara rasmi. Citing sources at Paramount Pictures, the AP reported that the untitled new movie would be directed dan produced by J. J. Abrams, best known sebagai the creator dan executive producer of the television shows Alias dan Lost, dan sebagai the producer/director of Mission: Impossible III. Most of this information was later confirmed by Paramount dan other sources. Longtime Abrams collaborators Roberto Orci dan Alex Kurtzman have since independently confirmed that they will be writing the movie, with fellow Abrams alumnus Damon Lindelof co-producing. Kurtzman, Orci, dan the final member of Abrams' production company, Bryan Burk, are all executive producers.

According to comments by Roberto Orci, the perawatan untuk XI telah disiapkan, dan dia dan Kurtzman have begun writing the script. In an August interview, he hoped that they would complete a first draft by the end of October dan a final version by Christmas 2006, dan said that, "if all goes perfectly", shooting might begin sebagai early sebagai summer 2007.[39] However, unnamed sources speaking to The Trek Movie Report indicated in October that shooting may begin in the spring, partly to alleviate Abrams' overscheduling sebagai executive producer for Lost, Six Degrees, dan What About Brian, in addition to producing Trek XI. Sources have also claimed that informal auditions had already begun in early October.[40] Despite Orci's hopes of an October script, however, J. J. Abrams said in a November 2 interview that, "they are in the midst of it dan it's in progress".[41] Despite some news agencies taking this sebagai a sign of possible delay for Trek XI,[42][43] Abrams appears to still believe in an accelerated schedule, saying in the interview that shooting next spring is "realistic", dan that, in fact, they are "otherwise ... not going to make the date that we have".

For many months after the film was announced, Abrams declined to make a decision about whether or not he would accept the directorship offered him by Paramount. On February 23 2007, Abrams had finally accepted Paramount's offer to direct Star Trek XI.[44] Afterward, Paramount Pictures announced a release date of December 25, 2008.[45] On January 7, 2007, J.J. Abrams announced that the first draft script for the movie was complete dan awaiting what he referred to sebagai "tweaking". He remarked that it will satisfy "non-Trekkers" dan that for those who love Star Trek, "the fix that they get will be very satisfying". He has said that it will begin filming in 2007, with a release date of 2008. Contrary to some reports, Abrams pointedly did not confirm details of the film or its plot.[46][47]

Pengfileman dimulakan pada 7 November 2007.[48] The shoot will last eighty-five days, dan will take place on eleven sets built at the Paramount backlot, dan there will be two weeks of location shooting in Iceldan.[49] The shoot will finish in March.[50] The design work for the film will be primarily done by Transformers designer Ryan Church dan Trek veteran John Eaves.[51] Following the commencement of the Writers Guild of America strike on November 5, 2007, Abrams, himself a WGA member, told Variety that while he will not render writing services for the film dan intends to walk the picket line, he does not expect the strike to impact his directing of the production.[52] In the final few weeks before the strike dan start of production, Abrams dan Damon Lindelof polished the script a final time.[53]

Michael Giacchino, the composer for several other Abrams projects, including MI:3, Lost, dan Alias has confirmed that he will score Star Trek.[54] The composer will keep the original theme by Alexdaner Courage. Giacchino admitted personal pressure in scoring the film, sebagai "I grew up listening to all of that great [Trek] music, dan that's part of what inspired me to do what I'm doing... You just go in scared. You just hope you do your best. It's one of those things where the film will tell me what to do."[55]

The film's shooting script has been fiercely protected, even with the main cast. Actor Simon Pegg said the script is "very hush-hush; when I read it, I read it with a security guard near me - it's that secretive."[56]

Star Trek will be the first film in the franchise in which Paramount has collaborated with other production companies to finance the film. J.J. Abrams' company, Bad Robot Productions, dan Bill Todman Jr.'s Level 1 Entertainment are developing the picture alongside Paramount.[57]

The film's concept raises questions of whether the movie might modify continuity, sebagai either a retcon or a reboot. Screenwriter Roberto Orci has said Star Trek is "in some senses" a prequel, but that the terms he dan producer Damon Lindelof prefer are "re-invigoration" or "re-vitalization."[58] A prequel concept was opposed by Star Trek's creator Gene Roddenberry when it first was proposed by Harve Bennett in 1991 after the completion of Star Trek V: The Final Frontier.[59]

In interviews, Abrams has saluted both the fans dan the continuity several times. "Being involved with a series that has a passionate dan vocal following makes me incredibly sympathetic. They have put up with so many incarnations along the way. These fans, they are a smart bunch. They are an intelligent group. We are very respectful dan we have no intention of subverting the material," he told Donald Clarke of The Irish Times.[60] Later, to Empire, he said, "As someone who works on a show that has a very loyal dan vocal fanbase, I do understdan the need to be respectful ... I think we can do the fans proud."[61]

Abrams has not seen Star Trek Nemesis, dan claims that the franchise eventually "disconnected" for him. However, Roberto Orci claims "immediate recall" of all things Trek, dan has made comments indicating that he considers even the line of Star Trek novels to have canon value, although Gene Roddenberry never considered the novels to be canon.[62] Abrams has labeled Bryan Burk sebagai being "relatively fresh" to the Star Trek universe. Abrams labeled himself sebagai a "big fan", but not a "Trekker" or a "Trekkie".[63]


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The first teaser trailer akan muncul pertamanya dengan Cloverfield pada Januari 2008.[64].

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