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Stesen keretapi Town Hall adalah stesen keretapi tersibuk kedua di rangkaian CityRail (selepas stesen Central),[petikan diperlukan] terletak di Sydney, Australia. Terletak di bawah tanah, ia terletak di daerah bisnes pusat Sydney, di bawah jalan di hadapan Sydney Town Hall, lebih kurang 1.2 km utara Central.

Sejarah[sunting | sunting sumber]

Stesen ihi dibuka pada 28 Februari 1932, although originally only four of the platforms were in use: platforms 1, 2 and 3 on an upper level and platform 6, served by escalators, on the lower level.[petikan diperlukan] The final two platforms (now platforms 4 & 5), also served by escalators, came into use when the Eastern Suburbs Line was opened on 23 June 1979.

The station had a major restructure in 2005 when the shops inside were closed to make way for the increasing crowds.

The station is built on the site of Sydney's earliest colonial cemetery. As recently as 2008, part of this cemetery were being excavated from under the Town Hall.

In April 2006, Transport Minister John Watkins announced plans for a $2 million inquiry into concept designs for upgrading the station. The station requires upgrading due to a large number of people using the station per day (70,000), and needs congestion relief to cater for an expected 2% yearly increase in commuters using the station.[1] Clyde Livingstone,a former Mayor of Burwood Council has been the Station Master since 1982.

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Catatan[sunting | sunting sumber]

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