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Ini adalah senarai dari saluran televisyen that are broadcast di Bahasa Cina or offer at least some programming in Chinese.

Kanada[sunting sumber]

China R.R.[sunting sumber]

Hong Kong[sunting sumber]

Cantonese free-to-air channels[sunting sumber]

  • Temporary owned by a 50/50 joint-venture between PCCW's now TV and i-Cable's Hong Kong Cable TV
    • J2 (Jade 2) (operated by TVB)
    • Interactive Information Channel (operated by TVB)
    • HD Jade (High definition Jade channel) (operated by TVB)
    • aTV2 News & Business Channel (operated by aTV)
    • aTV3 His TV (operated by aTV)
    • aTV4 Her TV (operated by aTV)
    • aTV5 Plus TV (operated by aTV)
    • aTV9 HD channel (operated by aTV)

Kantonis paid channels[sunting sumber]

English free to air channels[sunting sumber]

Mandarin Channels[sunting sumber]

Macau[sunting sumber]

Taiwan[sunting sumber]

Free-to-air[sunting sumber]

Digital TV[sunting sumber]

Cable[sunting sumber]

Abroad only[sunting sumber]

Malaysia[sunting sumber]

Free-to-air[sunting sumber]

Satellite Channels[sunting sumber]

The following channels are available only in Malaysia and Brunei via satellite on Astro

The following channels are available internationally but are also available in Malaysia via Astro

Singapura[sunting sumber]

Indonesia[sunting sumber]

Most of Local TV, shows abroad content with no dubbing including Chinese language programs like most of nation-wide channel does.

Amerika Syarikat[sunting sumber]

Australia[sunting sumber]

Chinese channels from other countries are also available.

New Zealand[sunting sumber]

Chinese channels from other countries are also available.

Lihat juga[sunting sumber]

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