Tentera Udara Switzerland

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Tentera Udara Switzerland
Ditubuhkan 31 Julai 1914
Negara Switzerland
Sebahagian daripada Angkatan Tentera Switzerland
Staf kepada Ketua
Angkatan Tentera
Bundeshaus Ost, Berne
Panglima Tentera Udara Mejar Jeneral Aldo c. Schellenberg
Tanda kebesaran
Roundel Swiss roundel.svg

Tentera Udara Switzerland (Bahasa Jerman: Schweizer Luftwaffe; Bahasa Perancis: Forces aériennes suisses; Bahasa Itali: Forze Aeree Svizzere) merupakan satu komponen bagi Angkatan Tentera Switzerland. Ia telah ditubuhkan pada 31 Julai, 1914[1] tetapi tidak menjadi unit yang berasingan sehinggalah tahun 1936, dan satu perkhidmatan berasingan dari tentera darat sehingga 1 Januari 1996.

AFB[sunting | sunting sumber]

Swiss air force airfields.png

Radarsurveillance actual[sunting | sunting sumber]

  • FLORAKOAmerika SyarikatPerancisSwitzerland
  • TAFLIRAmerika SyarikatSwitzerland
  • Skyguard Switzerland
  • Stinger Alert RadarAmerika Syarikat

Pesawat[sunting | sunting sumber]

Inventori sekarang[sunting | sunting sumber]

Gambar Nama Asal Jenis Dalam


Bilangan [4] Nota
Fa-18c.hornet.j5003.swissaf.jpg McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet Bendera Amerika Syarikat Amerika Syarikat Switzerland built under license from the United States Multirole fighter F/A-18C 26 (J-5001 to J-5026)
Swiss AF Boeing FA-18D Hornet.jpg F/A-18D 6 (J-5232 to J-5238, J-5231, J-5237 crash)
F-5 auf Platte.jpg Northrop F-5 Bendera Amerika Syarikat Amerika Syarikat Switzerland built under license from the United States Fighter-Interceptor F-5E 42 Interception, aerobatics , target-towing
F-5F.jpg F-5F 12 (J-3201 to J-3212) Current use: air policing and electronic warfare
Pilatus PC7-IMG 5742.jpg Pilatus PC-7 Turbo trainer  Switzerland Trainer NCPC-7 28 AB Locarno
PC9.JPG Pilatus PC-9  Switzerland Trainer PC-9/F 8 (C-401 to C-412, C-404 crash) target-towing

and electronic warfare

Swiss Air Force PC-21 A-102 parked.jpg Pilatus PC-21  Switzerland Advanced trainer PC-21 8 (A-101 to A-108) ]
Swiss Air Force Beech 1900D Bidini-1.jpg Beechcraft 1900 Bendera Amerika Syarikat Amerika Syarikat VIP transport 1900D 1 (T-729) Bern-Belp Airport
Swiss Air Force DHC-6.jpg DHC-6 Twin Otter Bendera Kanada Kanada Photomapping DHC-6 1 (T-741) Militärflugplatz Dübendorf
Swiss Air Force SuperKing air.JPG Beechcraft Super King Air Bendera Amerika Syarikat Amerika Syarikat Photomapping 350C 1 (T-721) Militärflugplatz Dübendorf
Swiss Air Force Pilatus PC-6 V-618 parked at IBT'11.jpg Pilatus PC-6 Turbo-Porter  Switzerland Light transport PC-6/B2-H2M-1 15 Airliftsqn 7] (AB Emmen) + HB-FCF from armasuisse
SUI785.jpg Dassault Falcon 900EX Bendera Perancis Perancis VIP transport Falcon 900 1 (T-785) Bern-Belp Airpt.
HB-FOG.jpg Pilatus PC-12  Switzerland Test and transport PC-12 1 (HB-FOG) Armasuisse
Cessna.560xl.citation.excel.arp.jpg Cessna Citation Excel Bendera Amerika Syarikat Amerika Syarikat VIP transport Ce-560XL 1 (T-784) Bern-Belp Airpt.]
Swiss Air Force Armasuisse R-711.jpg Diamond DA42 Bendera Amerika Syarikat Amerika Syarikat Austria Experimental Diamond DA42 Aurora Centauer 1 (R-711) Armasuisse
RUAG ADS-90 Ranger ventral view.jpg ADS-95 Ranger  Switzerland UAV ADS-95 24 (D-108 to D-134, D-119 crash 13.09.11) Drone Sqn 7
Zieldrohne.JPG KZD 85  Switzerland UAV KZD-85 60 (Z-30 to Z-90, Today 30 in use) training of air defense troops (flab) )
  • Trainingsmockup F/A-18C, X-5099.
Pesawat Asal Jenis Versi Dalam In service[5] Notes
Swiss Air Force Super Puma T-325 side view 2.jpg Eurocopter AS332 Super Puma Bendera Perancis Perancis Medium airlift AS332M1 15 (T-311 to T-325) AB Payerne, Militärflugplatz Dübendorf
Cougar Swiss milouf 3.jpg Eurocopter Cougar Bendera Perancis Perancis Medium airlift AS532UL 11 (T-331 to T342) AB Alpnach. (T-341) crashed , 2011
Swiss Air Force EC635P2+ T-352 at BRN (2).jpg Eurocopter EC635 Bendera Perancis Perancis  Jerman Utility EC635 P2+ 18 (T-353 to T-370) AB Alpnach
VIP transport EC635 P2+ VIP 2 (T-351, T-352)
Oerlikon Skyguard
Pesawat Asal Jenis Versi In service Notes
Flab.JPG Oerlikon 35 mm twin cannon  Switzerland AAA gun 45 a.k.a. "Flab Kanone 63/90"
Stinger (dummy) and case.png FIM-92 Stinger Bendera Amerika Syarikat Amerika Syarikat MANPAD infrared guided missile 288
Rapier Missile.JPG Rapier missile Flag of the United Kingdom.svg United Kingdom surface-air guided missile 54 a.k.a. "Mobile Lenkwaffen Flugabwehr"

Old Inventori[sunting | sunting sumber]

Gambar Nama Asal Jenis Dalam Bilangan Entered
WFU Nota
Alouette v-54 arp.jpg Aérospatiale Alouette II[6] Bendera Perancis Perancis observation, rescue & liaison II 30 1958 1992 10 bought in 1958, and 20 in 1964.
Alouette ag1.JPG Aérospatiale Alouette III[7] Bendera Perancis Perancis transport & trainer III 84 1964 2010 14 lost in accidents. Replaced by EC635.
Swiss Air Force BAe Hawk trainer U-1263.jpg BAE Hawk  UK trainer T.66 19 1987 2002 One lost in 1990. 18 sold to the Finland in 2008.
Swiss Air Force Beechcraft Model 18.jpg Beechcraft Expeditor[8]  US transport C18S,
3 1948 1969
Beech E50 Twin Bonanza, Switzerland - Air Force AN1124474.jpg Beechcraft Twin Bonanza[9]  US transport E50 3 1957 1989
BFW M.18[10]  Jerman transport 18C & 18D 4 1929 1954 1 18C, 3 18D.
Swiss Air Force Bücker Bü 131 seen from below.jpg Bücker Jungmann  Jerman trainer Bü 131 94 1936 1971 Two seat biplane. 10 impressed from aero clubs.
Bücker Jungmeister  Jerman trainer Bü 133 52 1937 1968 Acrobatics/air combat training single seat biplane.
Alfred Comte AC-1.jpg Comte AC-1[11]  Switzerland fighter AC-1 1 1928 1939
Comte AC-4[12]  Switzerland liaison AC-4 1 1931 1938
Comte AC-11-V[13]  Switzerland liaison AC-11-V 1 1943 1945
Swiss Air Force Dassault Falcon 50 T-783 in its hangar at Belp.jpg Dassault Falcon Bendera Perancis Perancis VIP transport 50 1 1996 2013 Replaced by Dassault Falcon 900EX.
Dassault (F+W Emmen) Mirage IIIS, Switzerland - Air Force AN0695824.jpgBremshaus.jpgDassault Mirage IIIS Switzerland - Air Force J-2324, LSMP Payerne, Switzerland PP1242384735.jpgMirage at LSMD.JPG Dassault Mirage III Bendera Perancis Perancis experimental IIIC 1 1962 1999
reconnaissance IIIRS 18 1964 2003
fighter IIIS 36 1964 1999 Swiss IIIC, Upgraded by SF Emmen in 1988.
Financial scandal reduced orders from 100.
advanced trainer IIIBS 4 1964 2003 2 lost in accidents.
advanced trainer IIIDS 2 1983 2003 Replaced crashed Mirage IIIBS.
de Havilland Mosquito[14]  UK bomber PR.4 & FB.6 2 1944 1954 1 used by Swissair for pilot training.
2ke- was engine testbed for EFW N-20.
Vampire ag1.jpgDe Havilland Vampire FB.6, Switzerland - Air Force JP6713747.jpgDe Havilland (F+W Emmen) Vampire T55 (DH-115) AN2247367.jpg de Havilland Vampire  UK fighter F.1 4 1946 1990 First Swiss Air Force jet aircraft. For testing.
fighter-bomber F.6 178 1949 1990 Includes 3 from spare parts.
night fighter NF.10 1 1958 1961 Testing only.
trainer T.55 39 1953 1990 Two seat trainer, 30 built in Switzerland.
Swiss Air Force De Havilland DH-112 Mk 4 Venom being serviced.jpg de Havilland Venom  UK fighter-bomber FB.50 126 1954 1984 Improved Vampire with new wings.
Swiss FB.50 = RAF FB.1, FB.54 = FB.5.
reconnaissance FB.50R 24 1956 1975
fighter-bomber FB.54 100 1956 1983
reconnaissance FB.54R 8 1980 1987
Dewoitine D26 HB-RAI.jpg Dewoitine D.26 Bendera Perancis Perancis trainer D.26 11 1931 1948
Dewoitine D.27.jpg Dewoitine D.27 Bendera Perancis Perancis fighter D.27 66 1928 1944
Do-27.JPG Dornier Do 27  Jerman aerial spraying Do 27H2 7 1958 2005
N-20 Front.JPG N-20.2 Arbalète  Switzerland experimental fighter N-20.2 1 1949 1952 First Swiss designed jet fighter, only 1 test aircraft built.
N-20 under QRA.JPG N-20.10 Aiguillon  Switzerland fighter N-20.10 1 1949 1952 First Swiss designed jet fighter, not in serie produced.
EKW C-35.jpg EKW C-35[15][16]  Switzerland reconnaissance C-35 & 35-1 90 1937 1954 8 built from spares.
Swiss Air Force C-3603-1.jpg EKW C-36  Switzerland reconnaissance C-3603 160 1942 1987 20 converted to target tugs, 40 re-engined with turboprop.
Swiss Dauphin helicopter 1.jpg Eurocopter Dauphin 2[17] Bendera Perancis Perancis VIP transport SA.365N 1 2005 2009 Used by the state government
Fairey Fox[18]  UK reconnaissance VI.R 2 1937 1945
FFA p16.jpg FFA P-16  Switzerland ground attack P-16.04 & P-16 Mk.II 5 1955 1960 Prototypes. Order for 100 cancelled after 2ke- crash. 2 returned to FFA.
Fieseler Storch - Deutsches Museum.jpg Fieseler Fi 156  Jerman transport, observation
& ambulance
C-3 Trop 5 1940 1963 Number includes 1 impressed.
Focke-Wulf Fw 44  Jerman trainer Fw 44F 1 1945 1953
Swiss Fokker C.V-E cutaway.JPG Fokker C.V Bendera Belanda Belanda reconnaissance D & E 64 1927 1954
Häfeli DH-1 rear view.jpg Häfeli DH-1  Switzerland reconnaissance DH-1 6 1916 1919
Häfeli DH-3 cutaway.jpg Häfeli DH-3  Switzerland reconnaissance DH-3 109 1917 1939
Häfeli DH-5 side view.jpg Häfeli DH-5  Switzerland reconnaissance DH-5 80 1922 1940
Swiss Air Force Hanriot HD.1.jpg Hanriot HD-1 Bendera Perancis Perancis fighter HD-1 16 1921 1930
Hawker Hunter F58, Switzerland - Air Force AN2062712.jpgHawker Hunter at ILA 2010 04.jpg Hawker Hunter  UK fighter-bomber F.58 100 1958 1994 Swiss F.58=RAF F.6, FB.58A=FGA.9, T.68=T.66.
Final assembly at Emmen.
3 batches, some converted ex-RAF F.6s.
fighter-bomber F.58A 52 1971 1994
trainer T.68 8 1974 1994
Hiller UH-12[19]  US battlefield observation B 3 1952 1962
Ju52 dub.JPG Junkers Ju 52/3m  Jerman transport Versions 3 1939 1981 Since 1983 museum aircraft at Dübendorf.
Swiss Air Force Gates Learjet 35A Bidini-1.jpg Learjet 35  US VIP transport A 2 1987 2006
Swiss Air Force Messerschmitt Bf 108.jpg Messerschmitt Bf 108  Jerman liaison B 18 1938 1959
Swiss Messerschmitt Bf 109-E3 top left view.jpg Messerschmitt Bf 109  Jerman fighter D-1 10 1939 1949
fighter E-1 & E-3 89 1939 1948
fighter F-4/Z 2 1942 1947
fighter G-6 & G-14 16 1944 1947
Morane-Saulnier G Bendera Perancis Perancis trainer G or H 1 1914 1919
Morane-Saulnier MS.229 Bendera Perancis Perancis trainer Et2 2 1931 1941
Morane2.jpg Morane-Saulnier MS.406[20] Bendera Perancis Perancis fighter MS.406 2 1939 1954 Trainer after replaced as fighter in 1948.
17 3801s built from spares after production ended.
fighter 3800 82 1940 1954
fighter 3801 224 1941 1959
fighter 3802 13 1946 1956
fighter 3803 1 1947 1956
Nardi FN.315 Bendera Kerajaan Itali (1861–1946) Itali trainer FN.315 2 1944 1948
Nieuport 23 Bendera Perancis Perancis trainer 23 C.1 5 1917 1921
Swiss Air Force Nieuport 28 C-1.jpg Nieuport 28 Bendera Perancis Perancis fighter 28 C.1 15 1918 1930
Swiss Air Force Nord 1203 Norécrin.jpg Nord Norécrin Bendera Perancis Perancis liaison 1201 1 1948 1952
Nord Norvigie Bendera Perancis Perancis liaison NC.850 1 1949 1950 Tested and returned to Nord
Swiss Air Force P-51 Mustang side view.jpg North American P-51 Mustang[21]  US reconnaissance P-51B-10 1 1944 1945 Some bought surplus for $4000 US ea.
fighter P-51D 113 1948 1957
fighter TP-51D 2 1948 1957
fighter F-6 15 1948 1957
Swiss AF North American T-6 Texan.JPG North American Harvard[22] Bendera Kanada Kanada trainer Mk.IIB 40 1948 1968 Surplus ex-RCAF (Canadian built).
Pilatus P2 Sywell1 crop.jpg Pilatus P-2[23]  Switzerland trainer P-2 05 & 06 55 1945 1981
Pilatus P-3 A-829.jpg Pilatus P-3[24]  Switzerland trainers P-3 73 1956 1995 Number includes prototype.
Piper Super Cub[25]  US observation PA-18-150 6 1948 1975
Potez 25[26] Bendera Perancis Perancis reconnaissance L-25 A.2 17 1927 1940
Potez 63[27] Bendera Perancis Perancis bomber 630 & 633 2 1938 1944
Rockwell Grand Commander  US mapping 680FL 1 1976 1993 Civil registered for Federal Office of Topography.
Siebel Si 204  Jerman transport D-1 1 1945 1955 Interned.
Stinson Sentinel  US liaison L-5 1 1944 1945
Sud-Ouest Djinn[28] Bendera Perancis Perancis trainer S.O.1221 4 1958 1964 Returned to manufacturer following rotor problems.
Weber-Landolf-Münch WLM-1  Switzerland glider WLM-1 2 1951 unk
Historical Ground Based Air Defense[sunting | sunting sumber]
Bloodhound SAM
Gambar Nama Asal Entered
WFU Nota
Oerlikon-20mm-batey-haosef-2-1.jpg Oerlikon 20 mm cannon  Switzerland 1937 1992 (L Flab Kan 37).
Oerlikon-20mm-batey-haosef-2-1.jpg Oerlikon 20 mm cannon  Switzerland 1954 1995 (L Flab Kan 54 Oe).
BL-64.JPG Bristol Bloodhound  UK 1964 1999 Flab Lwf BL 64 Bloodhound
Swiss made Ground Based Air Defense tested but not bought[sunting | sunting sumber]

A number of air defence systems have been offered by Swiss companies and trialled by the Swiss Air Force but in the event not purchased.

Gambar Nama Asal Entered
WFU Nota
Fliegerabwehrpanzer 68 SPAAG pic03-1.JPG 35 mm anti aircraft tank B22L  Switzerland 1958 1964
RSA Seite.JPG RSA Missile  Switzerland 1946 1958
Lenkwaffensystem RSCD Doppelstartlafette front.JPG RSD 58  Switzerland 1952 1958
Oerlikon Kriens Luftabwehr im Fliegermuseum Dübendorf.jpg RSE Kriens (Missile)  Switzerland 1958 1966
Shark Air def.JPG Mowag Shark  Switzerland Bendera United Kingdom United Kingdom
Bendera Perancis Perancis
1981 1983 with French Crotale (missile)
or British twin AAA "wildcat"2x30mm.

Old Radar Systems[sunting | sunting sumber]

Radar Systems[sunting | sunting sumber]

FLORIDA EZ at Fliegermuseum Dübendorf
Gambar Nama Asal Entered
WFU Nota
Florida Radar.JPG FLORIDA Airspace monitoring and management system Bendera Amerika Syarikat Amerika Syarikat 1970 2003
SF Radar.JPG SRF Airspace monitoring and management system Bendera Perancis Perancis 1955 1970
Radar WW2.JPG LGR-1 Radar Bendera Amerika Syarikat Amerika Syarikat 1948 1955
WW2 Radar mobil.JPG Target allocation radar TPS-1E Bendera Amerika Syarikat Amerika Syarikat
(licensed)Bendera Itali Itali
1958 1989
Superfledermaus.JPG Super Fledermaus  Switzerland 1965 1977
ZZR Radar.JPG Fire control radar Mark VII Bendera United Kingdom United Kingdom 1958 1967

Old AFB[sunting | sunting sumber]

F-5E crossing Street at Mollis AFB
former Military Airfield Raron

Aircraft squadrons[sunting | sunting sumber]

Gambar Nama Status Home base Dalam History Nota
30px Fliegerstaffel 1 Rokh Inactive Dübendorf Northrop F-5 Hawker Hunter,De Havilland Vampire,C-3036,Fokker C.V, Häfeli DH-5 Commander of the Patrouille Suisse was Member of FlSt1. The Patrouille Suisse was Created from parts of the FlSt1 [29]
Fliegerstaffel 2 Inactive Payerne Northrop F-5 Hawker Hunter,DH-112 Venom , De Havilland Vampire,AFB Ulrichen, Turtmann [30]
30px Fliegerstaffel 3 Inactive Sion Dassault Mirage IIIRS Hawker Hunter, DH-112 Venom Recon vers,D-3800,C-3603,Dewoitine D.27 [31]
30px Fliegerstaffel 4 Inactive Payerne Dassault Mirage IIIRS Hawker Hunter, DH-112 Venom, De Havilland Vampire AFB Turtmann, Sankt Stephan [32]
30px Fliegerstaffel 5 Lynx Interaktiv Interlaken Hawker Hunter De Havilland Vampire, Häfeli DH-5 Swiss Astronaut Claude Nicollier Pilot at this Sqd
30px Fliegerstaffel 6 Ducks active Payerne Northrop F-5 [33] [34]
Fliegerstaffel 7 Inactive Meiringen Hawker Hunter DH-112 Venom, De Havilland Vampire ,Messerschmitt Bf 109 ,Fokker C.V,AFB Ambri, Interlaken [35]
30px Fliegerstaffel 8 Destructors active Meiringen Northrop F-5 AFB Buochs [36]
30px Fliegerstaffel 9 Inactive DH-112 Venom [[[De Havilland Vampire]], Messerschmitt Bf 109,D-3801,Dewoitine D.27,Fokker C.V [37]
30px Fliegerstaffel 10 Inactive Buochs Dassault Mirage IIIRS DH-112 Venom recon, De Havilland Vampire,C-3603,P-51 Mustang all equipt with Photocameras [38] [39] [40]
30px Fliegerstaffel 11 Tigers active Meiringen F/A-18 Dübendorf, Northrop F-5, Hawker Hunter,De Havilland Vampire,D-3801 Member of the NATO Tiger Association[41], F/A-18C J-5011 Sqad Aircraft with special paint[42]
FlSt12new.jpg Zielflugstaffel 12 active Emmen Pilatus PC-9/ Northrop F-5 Hawker Hunter, C-36 [43]
30px Fliegerstaffel 13 Inactive Payerne Northrop F-5 DH-112 Venom, D-3800 Morane, Trurtmann AFB, Meiringen Ambri [44]
30px Fliegerstaffel 14 active Locarno Pilatus PC-7 De Havilland Vampire, Pilatus P-3 [45]
30px Fliegerstaffel 15 Inactive Sankt Stephan Hawker Hunter DH-112 Venom, De Havilland Vampire, D-3801, Messerschmitt Bf 109, Payerne in the last year a Hunter got a "Papyrus" paint this AC is now private used[46]
30px Fliegerstaffel 16 active Sion Northrop F-5F Dassault Mirage IIIS,DH-112 Venom & DH-112 R1, De Havilland Vampire, P-51 Mustang C-3603,C-36,Fokker C.V, Buochs
30px Fliegerstaffel 17 Falcons active Payerne F/A-18 Dassault Mirage IIIS,DH-112 Venom,D-3802, C-3603, Häfeli DH-5, Dewoitine D.27 AFB Buochs, Emmen, Raron Sqd Aircraft F/A-18C J-5017 with "Falcons" Paint[47] [48]
30px Fliegerstaffel 18 Panthers active Payerne F/A-18 Sqd Aircraft F/A-18C J-5018 with "Phanters" Paint [49]
30px Fliegerstaffel 19 Swans active Sion Northrop F-5 Potez 25,Morane D-3800 P-51 Mustang, DH-112 Venom, Hawker Hunter [50]Sqd Aircraft F-5E J-3038 Swans paint[51]
30px Fliegerstaffel 20 Inactive Mollis Hawker Hunter DH-112 Venom, De Havilland Vampire, P-51 Mustang,D-3801 [52]
30px Fliegerstaffel 21 Inactive Raron Hawker Hunter DH-112 Venom,De Havilland Vampire, P-51 Mustang,Dewoitine D.27, Messerschmitt Bf 109,AFB Buochs, Turtmann, Dübendorf [53] [54]
30px Fliegerstaffel 24 active Emmen Pilatus PC-9 / Northrop F-5F Hawker Hunter Trainer Sqd 22 and 23 don't exist
30px Lufttransportstaffel 1 active Payerne AS 532UL,Eurocopter AS332, EC635 Alouette III [55]
Lufttransportstaffel 2 Inactive Dübendorf Alouette III Alouette II,Piper PA-18, AFB Triengen [56]
Lufttransportstaffel 3 active Eurocopter Cougar,Eurocopter AS332, EC635 [57]
Lufttransportstaffel 4 active Dübendorf Eurocopter Cougar,Eurocopter AS332, EC635, Beechcraft 1900, DHC-6, Beechcraft Super King Air Superpuma T-316 with Squadronpainting
30px Lufttransportstaffel 5 active Dübendorf Eurocopter Cougar,Eurocopter AS332,EC635 Alouette III, Do-27
Lufttransportstaffel 6 active Alpnach Eurocopter Cougar,Eurocopter AS332 EC635 [58]
30px Lufttransportstaffel 7 active Emmen Pilatus PC-6 [59]
30px Lufttransportstaffel 8 active Alpnach Eurocopter Cougar,Eurocopter AS332 EC635 Alouette III [60] [www.lufttransportstaffel8.ch]

Other aircraft units[sunting | sunting sumber]

Gambar Nama Status Homebase Dalam History Nota
30px, Berufsfliegerkorps active Dübendorf HQ all AC types former UeG Überwachungsgeschwader [61]
Lufttransportdienst des Bundes active Bern Cessna Citation Excel,DHC-6,Beechcraft Super King Air, Beechcraft 1900, Falcon 900,EC635 Learjet 35, Falcon 50, Eurocopter Dauphin [62]
Pilotenschule active Emmen Pilatus PC-21 Northrop F-5F, BAE Hawk, De Havilland VampireT
30px Drohnengeschwader 7 active Emmen ADS-95
GRD Armasuisse active Emmen PC-6 Turbo-Porter, Pilatus PC-12, Diamond DA42 Aurora Centauer Hawker Hunter, Dassault Mirage IIIC, Northrop F-5(J-3001) Flight test Service
Patrouille Suisse active Emmen Northrop F-5 Hawker Hunter AFB Dübendorf Created from parts of the Fliegerstaffel 1[63]
PC-7 Team active Dübendorf Pilatus PC-7 [64]
MHR Militär Helikopter Rettungsdienst Inactive Alouette III SAR, Today made by the civil Rega
30px ADDC active Dübendorf Air Force HQ, Air Operations Centre, Air Defence& Directions Center
Parachute Reconnaissance Company 17 active Locarno MT-1 Para reccon

Lihat juga[sunting | sunting sumber]

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