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Negara-negara Berdaulat[sunting | sunting sumber]

Country Region Population1
 Antigua dan Barbuda[1] North America 85,000
 The Bahamas[1] North America 331,000
 Barbados[2] North America 294,000
 Belize [3] Central America 288,000
 Botswana [3] Africa 1,882,000
 Cameroon[1] Africa 18,549,000
 Canada[1] North America 33,531,000
 Dominica[1] North America 73,000
 Fiji[1] Oceania 827,900
 The Gambia[1] Africa 1,709,000
 Ghana[1] Africa 23,478,000
 Grenada[1] North America 106,000
 Guyana[4] South America 738,000
 India [3] Asia 1,143,540,000
 Ireland[1] Europe 4,517,800
 Jamaica[5] North America 2,714,000
 Jordan[1] Asia 6,407,058
 Kenya[1] Africa 37,538,000
 Kiribati[1] Oceania 95,000
 Lesotho[1] Africa 2,008,000
 Liberia[1] Africa 3,750,000
 Malawi[6] Africa 13,925,000
 Malta[1] Europe 412,600
 Kepulauan Marshall[1] Oceania 59,000
 Mauritius[1] Africa 1,262,000
 Persekutuan Mikronesia[1] Oceania 111,000
 Namibia[1] Africa 2,074,000
 Nauru[7] Oceania 10,000
 New Zealand[1] Oceania 4,294,350
 Nigeria[1][8] Africa 148,093,000
 Pakistan[1] Asia 165,449,000
 Palau [3] Oceania 20,000
 Papua New Guinea[9][10] Oceania 6,331,000
 Filipina[1][11] Asia 90,457,200
 Rwanda[1] Africa 9,725,000
 Saint Kitts and Nevis[12] North America 50,000
 Saint Lucia[1] North America 165,000
 Saint Vincent dan Grenadines[13] North America 120,000
 Samoa[14] Oceania 188,359
Templat:Country data Sealand Europe 27
 Seychelles[1] Africa 87,000
 Sierra Leone[1] Africa 5,866,000
 Singapore[15] Asia 4,839,400
 Kepulauan Solomon[1] Oceania 506,992
 Afrika Selatan[16] Africa 47,850,700
 Sudan[1] Africa 38,560,000
 Swaziland[1] Africa 1,141,000
 Tanzania[1] Africa 40,454,000
 Tonga[17] Oceania 100,000
 Trinidad dan Tobago[1] North America 1,333,000
 Tuvalu[3] Oceania 11,000
 Uganda[1] Africa 30,884,000
 Vanuatu[18] Oceania 226,000
 Zambia[1] Africa 11,922,000
 Zimbabwe[1] Africa 13,349,000
Countries where English is the de facto language
Country Region Population1
 Australia[19] Oceania 22,374,370
 United Kingdom Europe 61,612,300
 Amerika Syarikat North America 309,442,000

Wilayah Bergantungan[sunting | sunting sumber]

Entity Region Population1
 American Samoa11 Oceania 67,000
 Anguilla[1] North America 13,000
 Bermuda9[1] North America 65,000
 British Virgin Islands[1] North America 23,000
 Cayman Islands [3] North America 47,000
 Christmas Island12[1] Oceania 1,508
 Cook Islands[1] Oceania 20,200
 Falkland Islands South America 3,000
 Gibraltar[1] Europe 29,257
 Guam4 Oceania 173,000
 Guernsey10 Europe 61,811
 Hong Kong2[1] Asia 6,985,200
 Isle of Man8 Europe 80,058
 Jersey6[1] Europe 89,300
 Montserrat[3] North America 5,900
 Niue Oceania 1,600
 Norfolk Island[1] Oceania 1,828
 Northern Mariana Islands7 Oceania 84,000
 Pitcairn Islands13[1] Oceania 50
 Puerto Rico3 North America 3,991,000
 Saint Helena[3] (includes  Tristan da Cunha) Africa 6,600
 Sint Maarten North America 40,900
 Tokelau [3] Oceania 1,400
 Turks and Caicos Islands[1] North America 26,000
 U.S. Virgin Islands5 North America 111,000

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Footnotes[sunting | sunting sumber]

↑1 The population figures are based on the sources in List of countries by population, with information as of 23 January 2009 (UN estimates, et al.)
↑2 Hong Kong is a former British colony (1843-1981), British-Dependent Territory (1981-1997) and special administrative region of the People's Republic of China (1997- present)
↑3 Puerto Rico is, historically and geographically, connected to the Spanish-speaking Caribbean; Spanish is the main language of the majority of Puerto Ricans. Puerto Rico is an unincorporated United States territory referred to as a "Commonwealth"
↑4 Guam is an organized unincorporated territory of the United States
↑5 The US Virgin Islands is an insular area of the United States
↑6 Jersey is a British Crown dependency
↑7 The Northern Mariana Islands is a commonwealth in political union with the United States
↑8 Isle of Man is a British Crown dependency
↑9 Bermuda is an overseas territory of the United Kingdom
↑10 Guernsey is a British Crown dependency
↑11 American Samoa is an unincorporated U.S. territory
↑12 Christmas Island is an external territory of Australia
↑13 Pitcairn Islands is a British overseas territory

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