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Koordinat: 53°20′N 08°00′W / 53.333°N 8.000°W / 53.333; -8.000

the Emerald Isle,
the Island of Saints and Scholars
Satellite image of Ireland
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LokasiNorthern Europe or Western Europe[1]
Kedudukan luas20th

Ireland (disebut [i.rĕ.land] atau [ˈaɪrlənd , air.lĕnd]; Ireland: Éire ˈeːɾʲə ; Bahasa Ulster-Scots: Airlann atau Airlan) ialah sebuah pulau di barat laut benua Eropah.

Secara politik, ia terbahagi kepada Republik Ireland dan Ireland Utara (sebahagian United Kingdom).

Nota[sunting | sunting sumber]

  1. ^ Irish Travellers are an officially recognised ethnic group in Northern Ireland under the Race Relations (Northern Ireland) Order, 1997. In the Republic of Ireland they are classed as a "social group". Census forms in both jurisdictions contain tick-boxes for respondents to describes themselves as being an Irish Traveller. For more information see:
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