Kampung Portugis

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Portuguese Village
Portuguese Settlement
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VillagePortuguese Village
 • JenisConstitutional monarchy elective monarchy and parliamentary democracy
% Boys and girls
Zon waktuGMT
 • Musim panas (DST)GMT
Kod kawasan+606
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Kampung Portugis is a village of the Portuguese community of Melaka located in Ujong Pasir, Melaka, Malaysia. This community is a mixed ethnic group of Portuguese and Malays during the Portuguese colonial period (16th and 17th centuries). In 1933, 11 hectares of land in Malacca were purchased to create a refuge for the Portuguese community of Malacca and their culture. The area was cleared and 10 wooden houses were built. Also known as Kampung St. John, it started as a fishing village before attracting the Portuguese community living around Malacca and eventually growing into one of the tourist hotspots. Like most Portuguese communities around the world, the Portuguese Village also organizes a "June Festival" every year which opens with the "Festa Senjuang" and ends with the "Festival of San Pedro". This festival is attended by visitors from Malaysia and abroad. One of the important ceremonies in this festival is the ceremony of blessing the fishing boats, which are specially decorated for the occasion, to ensure a large catch.

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Poskod yang digunakan di Kampung Portugis, Ujong Pasir, Melaka ialah 75050.[1]

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